Slack Logging

  • List channels by most active
  • List channels most recently updated
  • The standard slack app -- minimal wrapper around

What’s on my desk

Dell Monitor, Pok3r Keyboard, NPKC Gradient Keycaps, Google Home, Gilded File Holder, Cermatic Trees Ring Dish, Apple Juice Jar

Birds eye view of my office desk

My overall look for my home office is one that’s very clearly wood, white, copper, and pastel heavy. I wanted something that was clean and minimal, would wo… with Quill.js

  1. Introduction, site screenshot
  2. Constraints
  3. 1 pager Quill
  4. Splitting into files
  5. Not proper at all
  6. Themes -- inline
  7. Themes -- css styles
  8. Inspector accessibility tool
  9. Broken. Janky. Weird.
  10. Build something for you.

How to m(f)ake eye contact?